About Us

Locally and sustainably produced Hops

Kelly Ridge Farms is nestled amongst the ridges and valleys of Southwest Virginia, just outside of Abingdon, VA. Our Business takes its name from the ridge that overlooks the farm, and the ridge takes its name from our family. Since 1790, nine generations of Kellys have owned and worked this land.

Our 1/2 acre hop yard was established in 2013 with about 500 producing plants and is in the process of steady expansion to meet demand. We have a strong focus on sustainable farming, including integrated pest management, recycled, composted manure, water conservation practices, and local sourcing of materials.

We are proud to offer our top quality locally grown Cascade and Nugget hops to craft brewers and homebrew retailers with a passion for delicious taste and aroma.

Fresh dried whole cone hops or fresh pellet hops are available while supplies last. Call for availability:

(865) 223-4400