Our pork comes from heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.  This heritage breed (traditionally known as Orchard pigs) were used to glean windfall apples from homesteads in England.  Our Old Spots are grass pasture raised and apple finished. The meat is richly marbled and tender, with amazing depth of flavor. They are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free.

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‌                             Wholesale Pork Shares:  1/2 Pig 4.75/lb. Whole Pig 4.50/lb. Average hanging weight can be expected to be 180lbs.

A pork share means that you are receiving your “share” of the live animal, and the farmer is providing the service of humanely raising your pig and arranging the butcher service. We are proud to be the only pork provider in the area that offers true farrow to finish. That means our pigs are born here, raised here and humanely harvested here by North Fork Meat Company

Pork share members are in direct communication with your butcher to insure you receive a variety of your fully custom cuts, packaged and ready for your freezer. You will pick up your pork directly from the butcher shop!

By purchasing our pork, you have chosen to support multiple local family owned businesses. You have also chosen to help sustain alternatives to the industrial meat system

Alternatively, we currently offer select retail cuts or we can deliver your pork directly to the meat packer of your choice for processing.    Retail Cuts Price ($)     Sausage 7/ea. (roll)   (Mild, Hot, Sweet Italian)    Premium Sausage links/patties 8/ea.   (Bratwurst, Polish Sausage Links, Chorizo Links)    Bone-in Chops (2 pack) 6/ea.   Boneeless Chops (2 pack) 6/ea.   Pork Belly / Fresh Bacon 10/ea.   Hog Jowl 6/lb.   Tenderloin 9/lb.   Baby Back Ribs 10/lb.   Spare Ribs 8/lb.   Boston Butt 8/lb.   Picnic Roast 8/lb.   Ham Roast 8/lb.   Leaf Fat 6/lb.   Back Fat 4/lb.   Liver 4/lb.   Soup Bones 2/lb.

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We also sell Old Spot piglets and breeding stock seasonally. Unlike industrial breeds, these pigs were bred to live and farrow (give birth) on pasture so they are an ideal outdoor breed that is tough and hardy and excellent forager. They also do well in a forest environment!

Old Spots are docile and easily managed. They are excellent and prolific mothers. Our piglets are weaned at 8 weeks old and are electric netting and feed bucket trained for ease of handling.

To order or get more information call Dylan House at (276)-698-5947 or email sales@kellyridgefarms.com.