November 13, 2019

Kelly Ridge Farms Pork

Our pork comes from heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. They are raised on grass pasture and are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free.

Wholesale Cuts Price ($)
1/4 Pig 4.00/lb.
1/2 Pig 3.75/lb.
Whole Pig 3.50/lb.

Wholesale cuts allow you to buy in bulk and get your cuts custom to your preferences. Kelly Ridge Farms will deliver your pork directly to the meat packer of your choice for processing.

Retail Cuts Price ($)
Sausage 4.50/lb.
Premium Sausage 5/lb.
Bone-in Chops (2 pack) 6/ea.
Pork Belly / Fresh Bacon 6/ea.
Tenderloin 6/lb.
Hog Jowl 2/lb.
Boston Butt 7/lb.
Picnic Roast 7/lb.
Ham Roast 5/lb.
Leaf Fat 4/lb.
Back Fat 2/lb.
Liver 5/lb.
Soup Bones 2/lb.

To order or get more information call Justen at (865)-223-4400.